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Big article


Looks like change is upon us with the 2017 Oscar nominees, who should we thank? The flaming social media comments, the actual research studies done (USC School for Communication & Journalism), mainstream media's late start to openly admitting #HollywoodSoWhite, or the many directors, producers, writers, and actors of color who KEEP CREATING? 💪

Ifwt seg article

88K New Yorkers Apply for "Poor Door" Affordable Housing

The Struggle Is* Real: Proving class issues and the urban housing market are under serious stress, 88K+ apply for the “Poor Door” apartments many thought were a joke. Is this "the new segregation” or nah?

Drake sothebys s2 exhibit 561x560 article

Drake Curates Sotheby's Art Exhibit

When you finally see the light: Once upon a time the Views headliner wasn't here for the Hip Hop-art world merger and even called out the likes of Jay-Z on its "Allure" over the game. WELP...

Drake article

Never Count on Drake to Make it to The Grammys...

What's it take for Drizzy to turn down a Grammy appearance? He might've been up for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song last year but battle culture, his hometown, (and money) called.

Ifwt nwa article

Harvard Graduate Arrested For Playing NWA Record

Straight Outta...College? He wasn't cruising in a '64, but 26-year-old Cesar Baldelomar went from a simple drive to $hit-got-real to beating the case!

Ifwt kevin9 article

Kevin Hart's Comedy Career Headed for the History Books

We've definitely been witnessing an illustrious not to mention lucrative career for this young comedian, but is it more legendary than it looks?

Big article

Baltimore Protesters Replace American Flags at City Hall #FreddieGray

The White House Correspondent's Dinner happening a few miles away didn't slow the people of Maryland down “by any means.”

Big article

Charges Dropped on Cop Who Shot Sleeping 7 Year Old #AiyanaJones

(RIP) We've run out of encouraging words for America's police brutality epidemic as another avoidable murder comes via Detroit. #BlackLivesMatter

Ls14butterfly article

Pulitzer Winning Novelist on Kendrick Lamar's "Blacker the Berry"

Hip Hop, Kendrick, (and the Genius company) have definitely come a long way.

Ifwt eric4 article

Officer Charged for Using Gun Instead of Taser #EricHarris

(RIP) Authorities call the death of Eric Courtney Harris “accidental” by the volunteer policeman who was given a firearm in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Ifwt brunch5 article

Ex-NYPD Officer Posts Gun-Pointing Selfie at #BlackBrunch Protestors

ICYMI: The new generation of revolution for #BlackLivesMatter turned it up a notch, taking rallies to restaurants across the country.

Ifwt city4 article

NYC Spends $732M on Police Brutality Cases It Got Wrong #EricGarner

Is it better to settle? NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer's been busy shoveling millions of dollars into settlements that overtime were found to lack “liberty and justice for all.”

Ifwt tree2 article

FBI Investigating Black Man Found Hanging from Tree in Mississippi

(RIP) They say “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Local authorities as well as the FBI and Department Of Justice report on the death of 54-year-old Otis Byrd.

Ifwt wu tang article

RZA Speaks: A Misguided America Is Not Just a Black Thing

Legendary Wu-Tang Clan leader shares insightful words on the ongoing #BlackLivesMatters protests across the country as well as the ego, “spirits and energies” that got us here.

John legend mass incarc article

John Legend's Campaign to End Mass Incarceration

He's been about that life even before the Oscar: this award winning singer-songwriter-musician puts action to words and continues the fight for a people mostly forgotten.

Check the extra content and learn more about the impact of mass incarceration in America.*