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Thanks for the scroll through! Topics: creative arts, music, news, activism, culture, fashion, business & philanthropy. I'm a Ugandan born-NYC raised artist, political science grad & Hip Hop head.

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Aunt viv lessons article article article

Black August 101

There's Kwanzaa and Black History Month--and then there's Black August. What's the "31 Day Salute" got that the others don't?

Mlw article article

Jazz History || The Lady Who Swings The Band

When you're a musical genius but you're never mentioned because you're also a dark skinned Black woman making history from the 1930s-70s...

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Case Study || "What We Do Now, Matters Forever"

(YouTube link inside) Why do some have and others have not? Is "the common good" subject to politics, economics and social wealth? An analysis of Oscar and Grammy nominated youth, arts, and leadership training organization "Impact Repertory Theatre" from Harlem, New York City.

This research project and short film was presented in 2013 for induction into the Society of Fellows at Pace University's Dyson College of Arts and Sciences.

The quann sisters 3 article

African Models, Designers and Social Media Shift the Fashion World

Seems like ever since the beautiful Adeola Ariyo from Ghana/Nigeria became Elizabeth Arden's first African Brand Ambassador, more stories about African models, designers, and "African inspired" fashion weeks have flooded the media-waves.

Jesse d garrabrant kawhi article

Age Ain’t Nothin But a #: Kawhi Leonard

They say "youth is wasted on the young" but the NBA's reigning Defensive Player of the Year Kawhi Leonard proves otherwise. What's his story and exactly what did he take from the legend Kobe Bryant?

Yellow lemonade black girls gif article

Snatched Baldwin || Lyrics, Art, Description

My first digital collage based on a song in three movements: "Revelation, Resistance and Relevance."

Social media article

Activism and Social Media || No “Slacktivism” Here

How are today's activists using digital platforms to boost their missions and make social change from social media?

Big sean blessings article

Hip Hop GURUs: Health, Wellness and Success Inspiration

Whether Khaled's classic Snaps or Kanye stirring the talk around mental health, Hip Hop culture's always serving up more than one "Major Key" on feeling better, achieving your goals and living the "Good Life."


Hugo young article

Hugo Pinell || Video Link, Lyrics, Analysis

(RIP) A secret meeting of youth, activists and street soldiers is called by a woman to organize and "mosh" for change.

*Explicit Content

Emma lee hieroglyphs with blm etc article

The Why's, The Woke and The Winning...

Stirring up as much hope as hot topics, my first video project connects three Hip Hop songs to relevant issues and social trends like "bad bitches," immigration and personal success.

*Explicit Content

Big article

Business Plan || Ottoo Brand Artivism-PADER

Table of contents and executive summary of the first strategic business plan of "Ottoo Brand Artivism," an arts, activism, financial education and community development nonprofit based in New York City and Uganda. This organization was launched on May 24, 2013 by Emilia A. Ottoo and her father Dr. Richard E. Ottoo.

1384063 exclusive prison interview kasim o gero article

Original Prison Interview || Kasim O. Gero

An exclusive exchange from "behind the wall." Kasim, a voice from the DMV streets and the new generation of activism talks FLEA Days, Tupac Shakur, Baltimore, Kwanzaa, Women-Comrades, and the revolutionary experience of Black August.

Mumia we got you at scranton article article

5 Things We Learned from Mumia's Court Hearing

Jumpsuits, jumpsuits, jumpsuits... When Hepatitis C and medical care in prisons are actually "cruel and unusual punishment."

Hamilton wins article

Inspiration (and Career Motivation) from the Tony Awards

Besides paying homage to all the winners and hard working professionals of the live stage, here's some resources and starting points for all the young or aspiring artists out there.

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Lesson Plan || Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Personal Branding

A sample outline of the nonprofit Ottoo Brand Artivism's pilot workshop in financial education. This workshop was given with youth ages 9 to 25 at the Impact Repertory Theatre org in Harlem, New York City in 2014.